Our Portfolio

Finance Trust Bank

Finance Trust Bank is one of the oldest microfinance institutions in Uganda, having commenced operations in 1984 as an NGO cum MFI and recently converted into a full-fledged Tier I commercial banking institution. The bank offers a variety of products and services including savings, current accounts, loans, money transfer services and bills payments to its target market which mostly comprises of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, salary earners and youth.

PEAMEF’s expansion capital has assisted the bank not only in complying with the Bank of Uganda’s minimum capitalisation requirements for Tier I financial institutions, but also in facilitating the roll-out of more banking products, services and branches. It currently serves over 240,000 depositors and 26,000 borrowers through a network of 33 branches country wide.


Cellulant Corporation Limited

Cellulant Corporation Limited is a Mauritius-domiciled, Kenya-based financial inclusion enabler operating in the mobile banking and mobile payments space. With main operations in Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia, the company also has on-the-ground presence and clients in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, among other Sub-Saharan African countries. Having commenced operations in 2003, the company helps corporates – including mobile network operators, financial institutions and merchants – as well as governments, to utilise the mobile channel in reaching their end customers. In doing so, the Company is building a rich and vibrant mobile payments ecosystem that already spans millions of consumers across East and West Africa.

PEAMEF’s investment is helping the company invest in its people, systems, product development and in unlocking the strong latent demand for its platform solutions across new markets.


Tujijenge Tanzania Limited

Tujijenge Tanzania Limited

Tujijenge Tanzania Limited is a credit-only microfinance institution founded in 2006. Its aim is to improve the quality of lives of families in Tanzania through microfinance by providing financial services to low and medium income Tanzanians through group and individual microfinance lending products. It currently has 5 branches and its target market is mainly small informal business entrepreneurs who are unbanked and do not have adequate security to provide against loans.

PEAMEF’s investment is helping the institution grow by improving the company’s ability to leverage and to build up towards the required minimum capital for transformation into a regulated deposit-taking institution in due course.


Unguka Bank Limited

Unguka Bank Ltd was started on 30th January 2005 and provides financial services to the micro, SME & retail banking sectors through a mix of products including group, individual, SME, mortgage and salary loans, as well as savings products mainly targeting entrepreneurs and salaried individuals. The institution is supervised and regulated by the National Bank of Rwanda under the banking regulations.

PEAMEF’s investment is assisting the Bank's loan portfolio growth, deposit services expansion and human capital development in readiness for eventual transformation into a commercial bank.




The brainchild of a seasoned local Zimbabwean microfinance professional,  Microhub Financial Services (PVT) Limited is a greenfield technology-driven MFI focused on individual and SME enterprise lending, launched in early 2016 after completion of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe licensing process.

PEAMEF’s investment is helping the institution to navigate the initial set-up phase, build a top-class local team, integrate efficiency-enhancing technological solutions into its business workflows, kick off the lending operations and catalyse investment in product development and associated value-added services, inter alia.



Jamii Bora Bank Ltd 

Jamii Bora Bank Ltd (JBB) was founded as Jamii Bora Trust in 1999 and grew rapidly from a credit-only microfinance institution to become one of the largest MFIs in Kenya. In March 2010, its business merged with City Finance Bank Ltd and transformed into a fully-fledged commercial bank. Since then, it has won ‘fastest-growing Kenyan bank’ awards several years in a row, offering enterprise banking solutions cutting across micro and SME enterprises as well as personal banking products, including mortgages. The bank is working towards lifting the majority of the low-income earning bracket to the middle income bracket and beyond.

PEAMEF’s investment is helping the institution grow its portfolio by providing debt financing to SMEs primarily through alternative technology-driven delivery channels.